Raise investment on the blockchain with no IT infrastructure required.

End-to-end funding platform with a licensed Broker Dealer and integrated custody for investors.

Compliance with Know Your Customer, Anti Money-Laundering, and Reg D/S/A+ where applicable.

Secondary trading, creating a market for your issued securities using our prorietary ATS Blockchain technology.

Bridging Wall St. and Blockchain

Programmable equity offers a funding route for your business with fast time-to-market. The Tokenetics solution is an end-to-end funding platform that offers support for secure and regulatory-compliant issuance together with a dollarized secondary trading solution to provide liquidity assurance to investors.

Tokenetics is a market-proven platform to generate investment. The platform centres around an Ethereum ERC-20 compliant smart contract for your issuance. Investors are offered a public immutable investment platform offering transparency and security.

A full range of advisory services are provided: helping you to choose a strategy for token minting, buyback offers, token custody and disbursement to fit your business's investment needs.

1. Issuance: Licensed Broker Dealer

Integrated into the Tokenetics system is a fully-licensed primary Broker Dealer, ensuring efficient and compliant operation of the secondary market of your tokenized asset.

2. Issuance: Leaders in Reg A+

Our in-house team has particular expertise in the new Regulation A+ at both Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels. Introduced in 2015, the Reg A+ rules implement Title IV of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act and provide companies with a more efficient regulatory pathway to raise up to $50 million in capital. Our platform has been designed specifically to comply with Reg A+ requirements.

3. Issuance: Multi-Broker Issuance

The Tokenetics trading platform supports multiple brokers to maximise investor liquidity.

4. Integrated Token Issuance

You do not need to purchase or maintain a separate platform to deal with token issuance: the Tokenetics platform securely handles the issuance of tokens to investors by an accredited nominee after all pre-issuance checks have completed.

5. Issuance: Rolling close support

Depending on your capital needs, you can opt for a fixed deadline offering or a 'rolling close', offering you flexibility in designing your issuance to meet your capital raising goals.

6. Issuance: Integrated Custody

Investors may choose to nominate a Trustee to be responsible for the administration of their blockchain holdings. Additionally, the 'holding' of tokenized assets may be mandated by law for certain offerings. The Tokenetics platform supports transparent custody where nominated by the investor or where necessary for compliance.


Tokenetics offers a dollarized trading platform for post-issuance trading by investors. This assures investors that their investment in your offering will be a liquid tradeable asset, with the opportunity of an exit.

The Tokenetics decentralized market place offers initial investors an exit opportunity and offers new investors an opportunity to take part in the secondary market. The Tokenetics decentralized market place is a SEC-registered ATS and offers compliant token listings for trade. Listing on the Tokenetics decentralized market place gives your token access to an enhanced pool of KYC-approved investors.

The Tokenetics trading app allows investors to post bids and offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with T+0 settlement, and no middlemen, reducing illiquidity discount.

Trading is priced in US dollars and investors both deposit and withdraw funds in US dollars, removing any risk of crytptocurrency exchange exposure.

Enhanced KYC Investor Pool
No Middleman
Trading App
Compliant Token Listing

Integrated U.S. Compliance

The Tokenetics platform offers compliance with either Regulation D or the more recent Regulation A+ depending on your funding needs. Investor verification, auditing requirements and data storage compliance are all integrated into the platform.

Know Your Customer and Anti Money-Laundering (KYC/AML) requirements are satisfied with an integrated KYC/AML app offering investor verification at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Investor suitability and USA PATRIOT Act compliance are achieved without duplication.

Third Party Escrow post-issuance services are offered in both fiat and cryptocurrency, minimising delay and ensuring post-issuance compliance.

For Swiss-based offerings, affiliation is offered to a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) to comply with Swiss regulatory supervisory requirements.

SEC Self-Reporting Rescission Solutions

Over the last few years, numerous ICO's/STO's were offered or sold to U.S. persons. In July 2017, the SEC maintained that such crypto-assets meet the definition of a "security".

Since then, any "self-reporting" token issuers taking prompt remedial steps in cooperation with the SEC has led the Commission to forego imposing civil monetary penalties.

Our crypto-asset solutions address the rescission needs of a "self-reporting" token issuer.

Our technology allows for the compliant on-boarding of U.S. person, verifies investor accreditation, performs KYC, AML and CIP checks on participants in order to identify those U.S. investors that should be refunded and those that, pursuant to the appropriate regulatory filings, may exchange their original non-compliant tokens as consideration for a commensurate number of newly issued compliant tokens.


The Tokenetics platform is a market-proven solution for end-to-end offering of tokenized assets. Our hosted web portal offers extensive reporting tools to help you meet regulatory requirements. Interface with on-site KYC archives offered to easily generate token shareholder reports.

No IT infrastructure needed

Tokenetics is a cloud-hosted platform with industry standard security and multi-region redundancy. Our managed solution gives you excellent scalability and peace of mind. Our IT infrastructure enables you to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4(f).

Tokenetics is a fully-supported solution. As a Tokenetics customer you will have access to 24/7 support from our teams in the US and Europe.

Try an end-to-end demonstration today

Discover how Tokenetics can help your business raise capital today. Access our live end-to-end demonstration instance to experience the Tokenetics platform.

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